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The Importance of Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Today is Wold Sleep Day. Are you getting enough sleep? Sleep is very important and essential in our lives. It is as important as making sure you drink enough water, feed your body the correct nutrients and breathing. Poor sleep affects your mental and physical health which is why it is important you get a good night’s sleep so you can function correctly. Sleep deficiency will increase the risk of high blood pressure, obesity, depression, stroke, heart disease and kidney disease.

We all lead extremely busy lives. If you work in a big city like London where everything is pretty fast paced, it is easy to become stressed due to work. Stress causes lack of sleep. In order to sleep well you need to be in a relaxed environment. I divide my time between London and Italy and my life in these two countries is very different. When I am in London there are never enough hours in the day to achieve everything that I want to do. I am constantly rushing, running from the gym to work. Work often stresses me causing me to stay up at night over thinking. I never seem to switch off and I often struggle to fall asleep. In Italy however it is the complete opposite. I am much more relaxed and therefore sleep really well. I will often fall asleep in front of the TV at around 10pm and the minute my head hits the pillow I instantly fall asleep.

How many hours of sleep do you need?

Everyone is different. No shoe fits all. Personally 6 hours a night works well for me. Others may require 8 hours sleep. The important thing is that you are getting good quality sleep. If you wake up early, go to bed early so you can rest your brain and body.

Sleep Improves concentration

Sleep is vital in brain function. If you sleep well cognitive function will improve greatly. You will be more focused and sharper in tackling your daily job as you will be able to concentrate properly, as good sleep enhances memory.

Improves athletic performance

A good night’s sleep means that  not only your brain will be sharper but your body too. When the body is rested it will perform better in physical activities as you will have more energy. Lack of sleep will make you feel exhausted even before you begin to exercise.

Lack of sleep can cause diseases 

If you go for long periods without proper sleep, you are seriously putting your health at risk. You are greatly increasing your chances of getting a heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and adrenal fatigue. Lack of sleep will eventually cause your body to break down.

Lack of sleep can cause depression

Not getting enough sleep can bring on depression which can become a serious illness. Most people that suffer from insomnia have also complained of depression.

Impacts your immune system

Poor sleep puts a stress on the body and when this happens it compromises your immune system. If your immune system is strong you are less likely to catch a cold or flu. However a weak immune system means that you will fall ill frequently.

Ways to improve your sleep

Try to go to bed and get up at the same time. The body likes routine.

Do not exercise late at night before going to bed.

Have a relaxing bath listening to classical music before bedtime.

Switch off all mobile phones, laptops and TV. Read a book instead. You want to create a relaxing environment.

Avoid stimulants like alcohol, caffeine and sugar 3-4 hours before going to sleep.

Try yoga and meditation that are very good at relaxing both the body and mind.

I hope you have found the above advice useful and will try to get a good night’s sleep. Enjoy World Sleep Day everyone!

5 Immune Boosting Foods

Winter is a time when it is very easy to catch a cold or the flu. If you have a strong immune system you are unlikely to become ill. A diet high in sugar, processed foods and too much caffeine will lower your immune system and open the door to illness. There are a lot of immune supporting foods. I wanted to keep it simple and chose five of my favourites.


Garlic has to be my all time favourite. I love it so much I eat it raw rubbed on toast with cherry tomatoes. Many shy away from garlic due to getting garlic breath but your health is important. A useful tip is to chew fresh parsley after having eaten garlic, this helps to take away the odour. Garlic is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It strengthens your immune system and is excellent for colds and flu. It is rich in vitamin C and selenium. Selenium prevents cancer.


Make sure to include fresh ginger to your smoothies and cooking. It is super healthy and another great immune booster fighting colds and flu. It also aids digestion and is very good for nausea. It also contains compounds that are called gingerols making it a very powerful anti-inflammatory. It has a strong flavour so if using it in your smoothies you will need a small piece.


Lemon juice mixed with ginger is a very powerful remedy to fight of a cold, flu or  sore throat. Lemons are packed full of vitamin C, calcium and potassium. Lemons are also good for the skin, bleeding gums and help in wound healing. Lemons are also very good for the liver.


Turmeric is a very powerful spice that has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It is good for bloating, colds, diarrhoea and fighting cancer. You can use it in your cooking.  I always start my morning with warm water and lemon and a little turmeric. It really energises me.


Wheatgrass  is probably my favourite superfood as it has endless benefits. It is extremely alkalising, rejuvenating and rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll cleanses and fortifies the organs and blood increasing red blood count. Chlorophyll is a very powerful detoxifier, detoxifying the liver and hence improving metabolism.

Looking after your health is so important that I can never stress it enough! It is so important to keep the body alkaline by eating lots of fruit and vegetables. You want to prevent disease creeping in.

If you would like a bespoke nutritional plan email me.


5 Tips For Staying Healthy This Winter

So important to look after ourselves in the cold winter months. We need to ensure we stay strong and healthy. Diet and lifestyle play a big role. Here below are some useful tips on how to protect yourself and boost your immune system this winter.

Keeping your Immune System Strong

A healthy immune system won’t let you get sick with a terrible flu that keeps you bedridden and weak for days. Make sure your diet is super healthy by including lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Eat what is in season. Drink lots of  good quality filtered water and vegetable smoothies and put super food powders like spirulina, wheatgrass and chlorella in them to boost your immune system.

Keep the body alkaline by having a warm water and lemon first thing in the morning 20 minutes before breakfast. This acts like an internal shower. Include fresh ginger, garlic, onions and herbs like turmeric in your cooking.

Stay away from refined sugar that weakens the immune system and is destructive for the whole body. Sugar is absolute poison so avoid indulging in too many cakes, biscuits, pies etc.

Include supplements like zinc, Vitamin C and echinacea. Also get your levels of vitamin D checked. Lack of vitamin D has been linked to  poor immune health.


Stress has a huge impact on your immune system. Learn to listen to your body and STOP! This is so important. Learn to slow down and say no. Avoid drinking too many coffees and teas as caffeine releases the stress hormone cortisol. If you keep going, eventually you will burn out and become ill. If you are feeling particularly stressed try a B complex and Magnesium which is known as nature’s tranquilizer. If you are stressed try yoga which is fantastic for calming the mind and breathing exercises together with meditation also help.


A proper nights sleep is essential in keeping the body strong and healthy. Lack of sleep will result in a compromised immune system. If you are having trouble falling asleep try to relax by having a warm bath before bedtime, and stay away from the computer before going to bed.


Exercise is very good for circulation and it makes us feel good as exercising releases endorphins which make us calmer and more relaxed. Find the right exercise for you. Remember we are all different. walking, swimming, dancing, running, gym etc are all good. However as with all things you do not want to over do it. If stress levels are high I would strongly suggest you do only yoga.

Wash your hands

So important to keep washing your hands continuously so you limit contact with germs.